I promised a picture of the resin cast of the miniature, and I deliever on that. :) Enjoy.


Some of the silhouettes have been shown earlier, but this is the first view of the full monty with some character concepts not shown before.


I am happy to finally be able to show this miniature. This is the official paintjob made by the amazingly skilled HonourGuard (check him out at https://www.facebook.com/HonourGuard.Painting?fref=ts). I don't think this could possibly have turned out better as a paintjob, and I am very happy about it. Of course, I am a bit biased, though... But what the hell. I am allowed to be! :D

Drop by again in a few days and I'll try to have some pictures of the resin cast here.


Another character concept of one of the first characters that has been turned into a miniature. The character concept is done by Steve Pierce, and I had a lot of fun doing it and seeing how it turned into a miniature. :) Stay tuned for pictures of the miniature itself. It turned out pretty damn ace! :)


Yeah, you saw it here first. This one epic concept art is going to be amazing. I can't wait to show the rest of what has happened here. :) Stay tuned!