These are the characters that have been created for the Corvus Corax miniature range thus far. :) I think they look pretty epic lined up like this. :)



The Kickstarter has been completed and is now fulfilled. I will most likely get in contact with some retailers starting next year to see if there are any interest to carry the range in a very small and limited fashion. :) As of now, the range is up to 13 figures and hopefully I'll be able to expand upon it in 2016!

Happy Holidays, everyone!



Tomorrow the second KS project for Corvus Corax Miniatures will be launched. Hopefully there will be enough support for the project to successfully fund.


As the range continues to expand there will always be a need for new scale shots to give an idea of the real size of the miniatures. The scale, typically, is between 34-35 mm to the eyes in a straight, standing pose (the armature with legs, back, neck fully extended). As the armature then is re-positioned into the correct pose the height to the eyes will either be shorter (a crouching pose) or higher (standing on his toes). In addition to this, some characters may be natural larger or smaller (just as in real life where not every being is of the same height), or because of some other reason (a bulky, mutated outcast or someone wearing a full-suite of armour).

These pictures are not the best, as I am not a professional photographer (which will be quite obvious juding by the quality), but they will give you a good idea. Also, the miniatures are just the raw resin copies taken straight from the bag without being cleaned up. So please have that in mind as well.

There are three coloured lines. The two red, which are drawn at 0 mm and at 35 mm, and the blue which is drawn from the eyes.

I hope you enjoy these, and I hope it will also give you a better understanding of the scale.


Dullahan is the first character concept done for the Clansmen of Caer Loch.

Historically, the Caer Loch has been a faction that remained neutral in most conflicts and kept mostly to themselves. At the peak of their power they defended their borders fiercely and any invader quickly learnt that they were to expect heavy casulties if they were to attempt an invasion of the Caer Loch territory. But as the years past by and other warring factions drove their conflict closer to the Caer Loch it was inevitable that they were to be targeted more frequently.

The Outcasts, who were swelling with in numbers, expanded their borders very aggressively, and consumed Caer Loch towns and cities, usually razing or sacking them to the ground. In the same time, the Nomads raided their borders as well, putting even more distress on the defenders. Slowly, the clansmen were pushed back and were forced to witness how their land was destroyed.

The aggression aimed towards Caer Loch took such heavy toll on the clansmen that the decision was finally taken to abandon all settlements they had beyond the Bastion of Caer Loch and regroup in their old lands. The Bastion became their new frontier, and any attempts to reclaim their lost land is launched from here.


The latest addition to the Exiles of the Tetsu Clan: Lo Jun, sculpted by Patrick Masson. I should hopefully be able to have him sent to the caster for some test casts, and then possibly have him painted to show the beautiful art that Mr. Masson is able to produce over and over again.

"Lo Jun was no more than a young boy when he got recruited into the military branch of the Tetsu Clan, and he quickly showed prowess in the martial art. Because of his exceptional skills he advanced in the ranks and took his first command still no more than a young man. But Lo Jun never excelled at this position, at least not as the high commander had hoped for, as Lo Jun was far too  reckless and more often than not had his followers charge into the midst of battle. Because of this, eventually he was relieved of his command and was given a more independent role with his own freedom to act alone without being mastered.

At the time for the uprising, Lo Jun was one of the most loyal members of the Tetsu Clan, and stood by Otomo's side during the entire ordeal, and as the clan was exiled, Lo Jun was the first to stand beside Otomo. As the clan settled down in the new lands, Lo Jun was still but a young man and none of his recklessness behavior had left him, and he took it upon himself to clear a safe haven for the non-fighting members of the clan. For weeks at a time he wandered the lands, seeking out any hostility and ending it before returning back to the settlement to report news and new findings, before heading out again."


This is the third character for the Exiles of the Tetsu Clan. In-game, he'll have the role of a damage-dealing combined with damage-soaking (what?! sounds imba, doesn't it?!). This particular sculpt has been realized by Patrick Masson and it looks quite awesome!

I hope you like it. :) If you do, feel free to share it around the internet. :)

Otomo, Iron-Father, high Command of the Tetsu Clan


Some time has passed since the latest post I've made and I with this post there isn't too much new things to be shown. I did get a few copies of Gorgr from the caster a bit ago and I am very happy with the result of it. I am thinking of maybe possible launch a second Kickstarter to help me to raise some funds for casting of more copies and also to help with the progress of the entire project. As I wrote initially, not much news to post simply because of slow pace. But we will see, and nothing is decided yet. I am, however, toying with the idea of some new character concepts for some new factions of the universe. I'll get around to post an example of them eventually to give you an idea what they are about. So stay tuned if you are interested!

Meanwhile, since I did receive some pre-production samples, I've had Gorgr painted to give you an idea of how it can look with some paint on it. As I normally say; I am quite biased, but I honestly thing it looks pretty darn bad-ass!


Lately there has been some silence, and not many updates regarding this project. Truth be told, there hasn't been too much progress. Some progress has been done, and I am currently working on concept art and background for two more factions. Too early yet to be shown as it's still in early stages.

Regarding the sculpting, there isn't too much progress there either. The ones I have been working with are swamped with work and delays keep happening. But that's alright with me. Slow and steady wins the race, isn't that what they say?

Anyway, there are some progress to be shown. So here I present the latest member of the Outcasts of the Dur Makeb tribe; Keras, sculpted by Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud.


Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud has complected the master sculpt of Gorgr, Hafgufa of the Dur Makeb tribe. I showed a few WIP of it during the Kickstarter, but unfortunately, the project didn't reach high enough to unlock it to speed up its process of getting it released to the public. Anyway, now as it is completed, it will shortly be going away to the caster so that a handful pre-production figures can be cast (to make sure that the figure is suitable for casting, that it doesn't need parts to be resculpted, etc.). If all goes smoothly I might have the first few at me late april or start of may.

As you can see the figure is attached to the base through that broken pillar. It will obviously require some modelling work to pin it to your base, and then to make sure you add some weight in the bottom of it for its stability. But seeing how it will be cast entirely in resin the weight shouldn't really be an issue for most people.

Furthermore, the tentacles will be cast seperatedly from the rest of the body, and it will require a little bit of putty work to smooth out any gaps where they are attached in the back, but we wanted to allow people to switch the tentacles around to create another silhouette if they so desired. For the very experienced modellers, I'd also suspect that it would be doable to re-form the tentacles with applying some heat to the tentacles and then cooling them off. However, I do not recommend people to do this as there is always a risk of breakage!

Anyway, I am very happy with the result and I think that Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud has done an incredible work with it. We wanted to create a figure with lots of movement and a dynamic pose that resemble of the character being in a stalking mode with his tentacles a bit coiled, like that of a viper, ready to strike. For me, I imagine him leaping onto his prey, ready to deal the final killing blow.

While I post the above I can in the same time also post a concept art that I showed during the Kickstarter. I hope you like this one, I know I do. :)


So the Kickstarter project has ended, and I am thrilled to say that it was a success. :) With the support gained by the backers of the project, I will now be able to release Kruuz to the market for those who might be interested. I will, of course, take care of the supporters of the KS project first, but then I will make sure that it will be available for anyone else who might be interested. :)

Thanks alot to the backers of the project. You are being a part of pushing a person's ideas forward. Without you guys this wouldn't have been possible! :)


While the Kickstarter is currently running (if you haven't checked it out yet, head over to Kickstarter.com and check it out!) I figured I could show the master sculpt by Roberto Chaudon. :)


So the plan is to launch the Kickstarter this Saturday, 10th of January, at 20.00 GMT / 21.00 CET / 2 pm CST. If you find this project appealing or just wish to support  one of the little guys, feel free to check out the Kickstarter in a few days. :)


So it's getting closer to launch the Kickstarter project, which will hopefully help me to fund one or two miniatures for the Outcast faction (and who knows, perhaps if the project does good enough, maybe it will also be able to help me fund one or two characters of some other faction, as well).

The plan is to launch the crowdfunding either Saturday 10th January or Sunday 11th January, probably at 20.00 GMT / 21.00 CET.

Anyway, here is another sculpt of a second character of the Exiles faction - Aktra, Sword-Mistress of the Tetsu Clan, sculpted by Patrick Masson. I hope you enjoy.

Aktra will not be a part of the initial crowdfunding project, but could possibly appear as a potential stretch goal, depending on how well the project is received and how well this miniature is received.


Rigfr of the Birch House, the second character for the Nomads faction. He has been sculpted by Juan Navarro Perez. I hope you like!