After a short Christmas break, Corvus Corax Miniatures are back to show some previews. This time it's time for the first character of the Nomads faction, one taken influences in the old Norse. This is Agni, sculpted by Luc Pinganaud.


As the Christmas eve and Christmas day is about to knock on our door Corvus Corax Miniatures wishes You a Merry Christmas and a happy 2015!


Here is a scale shot for comparison using miniatures from other well-known ranges, to give a better idea of the actual size of the 35 mm scale of the Corvus Corax Miniatures range.

From left to right, the red lines are at 0 cm and 3 cm.

Top row:

  • Ilyad Games Virago - Corvus Corax Miniatures - Warhammer Chaos Beastlord - Corvus Corax Miniatures - Infinity Hassassin Fiday - Corvus Corax Miniatures

Middle row:

  • Confrontation Kelen 13th Voice - Corvus Corax Miniatures - SIMON Miniatures Goliath - Corvus Corax Miniatures - Infamy Miniatures Sherlock Holmes - Corvus Corax Miniatures

Bottom row:

  • Confrontation Kelt Fiannas - Corvux Corax Miniatures - Mierce Miniatures Carrowek - Corvus Corax Miniatures - Mierce Miniatures Beowa - Corvus Corax Miniatures


Hopefully, I'll be able to run a successful campaign on Kickstarter, which would help me to greatly speed up this project and have new miniatures available to the market. :) The campaign would be, initially, for the three outcast characters that have been shown here, on the FB page and on various forums. :) I just hope that there will be enough support to help me reach the funding goal.

If you can, and if you want to, please help me to spread the word. :)


Aktra, Sword-Mistress of the Tetsu Clan. Whereas Shogi (see below) takes the role of a support character, Aktra is one of the most refined killers of the Clan. She has, thanks to her skills, quickly raised through the ranks of the Clan, where she now is one of the highest ranking members and one of the most trusted commanders on the field of battle.


As per usual I'd like to show a photo of the resin cast when possible (that is if I got a decent picture of it). Again, I hope you agree with me that the cast looks great. As a most personal reflection, I can't express how much I like the flowing robe. I think that Juan Navarro Perez really nailed that one, in particular. :)


This is Shogi, Tempo-Strategist of the Tetsu Clan. This is the first character revealed for the Exiles, the second faction unveiled for this universe. The Tetsu Clan was once an important part of the greater Empire, but after a fall-out between the Emperor and the leader of the Tetsu Clan, all followers of the clan were exiled, hunter down like animals and killed on sight.


An example of how the resin casts will look. This one is taken before it has been cleaned up, and I think it came out pretty darn good, if I get to say so. Clean, sharp details and edges. It's pretty cool! :)


As promised, here is the third character of the outcasts, the mutated devil. Yes, I know, the names aren't the most imagiative, but they will be namned once I get around to flesh out their background story. To me, the background is a very important part of this entire project. I know that there are a lot of people who aren't interested in reading about backgrounds or different stories of characters, or the history and politics of the "world". But, again, for me, it's an equally fun part to work with as creating these miniatures. Together, they complete each other. :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this picture and paintjob. I'll get a picture up of the resin copy next week.

The sculptor is none other than the talented Roberto Chaudon, who has done an amazing job with it!


This will be the third character for the outcast faction that soon will be previewed, and I'll get a picture of the sculpt later next week.

This character is a creature of the night - a shadow-walker, who is able to bend shadows by his own desire. In game, he has the role of a supporter and by using his shadow-walking abilities, can quickly turn the tide of the battle by swiftly moving across the battlefield to where his support is the most needed for the moment. But if left alone, and allowed to be caught in the open by his enemies, he will be quick to fall.


I got a question earlier regarding the size of this mutated beast. I'll get around to get some better scale reference photos eventually, but hopefully this will do for now to give you an idea. This is the master sculpt, but in greyscale so it's a little bit dark.


Here is a paintjob to show you just how well this miniature paints up. I find it quite amazing and I hope you enjoy. :)

I have a couple more pictures to show you in the coming days, so, like ever, stay tuned. :)


I have finally some new stuff to show. This is the second character of the Outcasts - a faction that is plauged by wicked mutations. This is the mutated brute, who, where he lacks in smartness makes up in sheer and maddening strength. I think it turned out most awesome. :)

This resin miniature is pretty much glued together straight from the box without any clean-up, so you can tell the quality of the cast is excellent. Anyway, stay tuned and I'll have a painted version up later.


The project is slowly advancing, albeit not much news to show at the moment. I do got a new WIP of the mutated with claw character, which looks pretty stunning. :) I am hoping I can show some more stuff eventually. :) Keep an eye out for it. :)


The project keeps moving on, albeit as per usual a bit slow. I've got some more stuff in the works, though, and I am hoping to have that stuff finished later this year.

The next thing on my to-do list is to get some more photos up on the resin cast from different angles for you guys to see. But I figured out the other day that it isn't that easy to get good photos with my current equipment, so it will be a while to go, unfortunately.

My goal of this project still hasn't changed, though, and I am still hoping to have around 15 miniatures done by the end of it. I'm hoping to have "launched" the start of it, however, later this year on early 2015, but there are still some things to be done before that. But I'll keep working on! :)


I promised a picture of the resin cast of the miniature, and I deliever on that. :) Enjoy.


Some of the silhouettes have been shown earlier, but this is the first view of the full monty with some character concepts not shown before.


I am happy to finally be able to show this miniature. This is the official paintjob made by the amazingly skilled HonourGuard (check him out at https://www.facebook.com/HonourGuard.Painting?fref=ts). I don't think this could possibly have turned out better as a paintjob, and I am very happy about it. Of course, I am a bit biased, though... But what the hell. I am allowed to be! :D

Drop by again in a few days and I'll try to have some pictures of the resin cast here.


Another character concept of one of the first characters that has been turned into a miniature. The character concept is done by Steve Pierce, and I had a lot of fun doing it and seeing how it turned into a miniature. :) Stay tuned for pictures of the miniature itself. It turned out pretty damn ace! :)


Yeah, you saw it here first. This one epic concept art is going to be amazing. I can't wait to show the rest of what has happened here. :) Stay tuned!


So it's time to publish yet another character concept art. My hopes are to have this character realized to become a part of one of the starting factions. It will most likely be one pretty epic miniature once completed. :)

Stay tuned as there will be more concepts being shown in the coming months!


The project is slowly grinding on, and I honestly understand the appeal of a crowdfunding project. A successful project would speed up the project by quite a large degree. As it stands right now, I'd be happy to advance it every few weeks but sometimes (often) several weeks past before something new is to be seen. Well, such is the life in the miniature industry I reckon for the small projects like this. :)

Anyhow, I've got another concept that I like, and one that fit perfectly into my little world. In a few months I should have it ready to show. :)

Stay tuned for more updates!


I keep working with concept artists to find the right kind of characters I am trying to create. I received another one a while ago where the artist sort of nailed the briefing description. :) This one might just turn into an awesome miniature at one point or another. :)


Here is a second variant of the logotype I am thinking about using. What do you think? Mail me your suggestions - corvus.corax.miniatures@gmail.com


One of the first character concepts I've received from the artist. Hopefully I'll be able to realize it into a miniature eventually. Stay tuned for a full version of it eventually.


This is the first post of this blog

Sometimes you have this idea in your head, one which you can't really shake off. You might, at least for a while, succeed in pushing it back into your mind and go on as usual. But then, eventually, it will slowly emerge again, like clouds on the sky slowly obscuring the sun.

For me, I have this idea about a miniature and game project, but I've managed to hold it abay for a while, but not any longer. This is the time when I decide to start working with it more actively. And because of that I decided to create this blog where I can post news about the project.