The latest addition to the Exiles of the Tetsu Clan: Lo Jun, sculpted by Patrick Masson. I should hopefully be able to have him sent to the caster for some test casts, and then possibly have him painted to show the beautiful art that Mr. Masson is able to produce over and over again.

"Lo Jun was no more than a young boy when he got recruited into the military branch of the Tetsu Clan, and he quickly showed prowess in the martial art. Because of his exceptional skills he advanced in the ranks and took his first command still no more than a young man. But Lo Jun never excelled at this position, at least not as the high commander had hoped for, as Lo Jun was far too  reckless and more often than not had his followers charge into the midst of battle. Because of this, eventually he was relieved of his command and was given a more independent role with his own freedom to act alone without being mastered.

At the time for the uprising, Lo Jun was one of the most loyal members of the Tetsu Clan, and stood by Otomo's side during the entire ordeal, and as the clan was exiled, Lo Jun was the first to stand beside Otomo. As the clan settled down in the new lands, Lo Jun was still but a young man and none of his recklessness behavior had left him, and he took it upon himself to clear a safe haven for the non-fighting members of the clan. For weeks at a time he wandered the lands, seeking out any hostility and ending it before returning back to the settlement to report news and new findings, before heading out again."


This is the third character for the Exiles of the Tetsu Clan. In-game, he'll have the role of a damage-dealing combined with damage-soaking (what?! sounds imba, doesn't it?!). This particular sculpt has been realized by Patrick Masson and it looks quite awesome!

I hope you like it. :) If you do, feel free to share it around the internet. :)

Otomo, Iron-Father, high Command of the Tetsu Clan