As promised, here is the third character of the outcasts, the mutated devil. Yes, I know, the names aren't the most imagiative, but they will be namned once I get around to flesh out their background story. To me, the background is a very important part of this entire project. I know that there are a lot of people who aren't interested in reading about backgrounds or different stories of characters, or the history and politics of the "world". But, again, for me, it's an equally fun part to work with as creating these miniatures. Together, they complete each other. :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this picture and paintjob. I'll get a picture up of the resin copy next week.

The sculptor is none other than the talented Roberto Chaudon, who has done an amazing job with it!


This will be the third character for the outcast faction that soon will be previewed, and I'll get a picture of the sculpt later next week.

This character is a creature of the night - a shadow-walker, who is able to bend shadows by his own desire. In game, he has the role of a supporter and by using his shadow-walking abilities, can quickly turn the tide of the battle by swiftly moving across the battlefield to where his support is the most needed for the moment. But if left alone, and allowed to be caught in the open by his enemies, he will be quick to fall.


I got a question earlier regarding the size of this mutated beast. I'll get around to get some better scale reference photos eventually, but hopefully this will do for now to give you an idea. This is the master sculpt, but in greyscale so it's a little bit dark.


Here is a paintjob to show you just how well this miniature paints up. I find it quite amazing and I hope you enjoy. :)

I have a couple more pictures to show you in the coming days, so, like ever, stay tuned. :)


I have finally some new stuff to show. This is the second character of the Outcasts - a faction that is plauged by wicked mutations. This is the mutated brute, who, where he lacks in smartness makes up in sheer and maddening strength. I think it turned out most awesome. :)

This resin miniature is pretty much glued together straight from the box without any clean-up, so you can tell the quality of the cast is excellent. Anyway, stay tuned and I'll have a painted version up later.


The project is slowly advancing, albeit not much news to show at the moment. I do got a new WIP of the mutated with claw character, which looks pretty stunning. :) I am hoping I can show some more stuff eventually. :) Keep an eye out for it. :)