"Fukashi", sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos, is another addition to the Tetsu Clan. Not much is known about Fukashi as he mostly keeps to himself and rarely speaks. He is not a native to the clan, but hails from an ancient mountain-monastery of warrior-monks. Fukashi is shrouded in mystery, but is a competent warrior on the field of battle where he uses his wooden armour to merge with his surroundings and only to attack his foes when they least so expect.



"Draque", sculpted by Joaquin Palacios, is the latest character shown for the clansmen of the Caer Loch. I hope you enjoy. :)


"Taro no Ken" is the latest character sculpted and he is affiliated to the Tetsu Clan faction. He has been sculpted by Pedro Fernandez Ramos, and this is the first character sculpted by him for this project. I've got to say that he is most welcome to join the already extremely talented line-up of sculptors that have been sculpting characters. :) I hope you agree. :)