Kruuz, the Copperheaded One of the Dur Makeb tribe
  • Kruuz is the current alpha of the Dur Makeb tribe, a position he violently secured at a young age. For violence is what breeds the tribesmen, and even almost from birth they have to rely on themselves for survival as only the strong prosper while the weak perish. One could tell that Kruuz, even from birth, would become exceptionally ruthless; he saw the first light of day as he ripped up the womb of his own mother at birth. Since Kruuz became the alpha, none has yet dared to challenge his authority. But life is fragile and life is short, and if the other tribesmen are not subjugated, surely it is just a matter of time before Kruuz is ended by someone mightier than himself; that is simply how life is for an outcast.
  • Sculptor: Roberto Chaudon

Oren, Behemoth of the Dur Makeb tribe
  • Oren is a grotesque and mindless beast, only capable of the simplest form of communication. But what he lacks in intelligence he makes up for in brute strength. For strength and savagery is where Oren excels above all others. But this combination comes at great risk, for Oren is known to turn against his own tribesmen without any warning of his intentions. Without the purpose of war and destruction Oren is overcome by restlessness and he is easy to anger but hard to please. This has led to that he has been shackled in heavy chains, like that of an animal, and only let lose when it's time to march for battle.
  • Sculptor: Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud

Faun, Void-walker of the Dur Makeb tribe
  • Many of the outcasts are gifted, as well as being cursed, by their mutations, and some of these mutations greatly enhance the prowess by the host of these. In Faun's case it was evident early that he possessed in particular rare abilities. Faun was born in the darkness, and was born sightless, so he had to adapt to a life in shadows. As he grew older his mutation not only affected his body, as it started to transform him more and more to the looks of a half-devil, but it also affected his mind and he soon became one with the void; not only did the void grant him the ability to see through shadows but also to walk through them from one spot to another. Faun is a highly regarded member of the Dur Makeb tribe where his ability to quickly move across the field of battle, and the ability to see his enemies even in blind spots, has won the tribe many battles.
  • Sculptor: Roberto Chaudon

Gorgr, Hafgufa of the Dur Makeb tribe
  • Gorgr goes under many names where Kraken or Hafgufa are among the most commonly used, and many of the outcasts, not only of the Dur Makeb, believes that he hails from the ancient old ones, and that he ascends lands only to wreck havoc onto the world. While Gorgr isn't divine, he is indeed ancient and has existed for generations, and through the latest decades he has been deep at slumber under-sea. Why he has awoken now, and why he is marching with the Dur Makeb is not really known, for Gorgr rarely speaks. But as the tribesmen whispers; it might be because he has heeded the call of a great alpha, and that the end-times is slowly approaching.
  • Sculptor: Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud

Keras, ... of the Dur Makeb tribe
  • Keras...
  • Sculptor: Luc "Thantor" Pinganaud

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