This is the third character for the Exiles of the Tetsu Clan. In-game, he'll have the role of a damage-dealing combined with damage-soaking (what?! sounds imba, doesn't it?!). This particular sculpt has been realized by Patrick Masson and it looks quite awesome!

I hope you like it. :) If you do, feel free to share it around the internet. :)

Otomo, Iron-Father, high Command of the Tetsu Clan


  1. If some KS backers compared previous model, like Cruz to some Comics character, here we have our Japanese's style Ironman! He looks really tall compared to others Tetsu.

    It's obvious that many clans are inspired by reals civilizations, i wonder if you're planning to make one inspired by Africa, wich is rich of mythologycal heroes and deities, i can imagine mini inspired by Maasai warriors or Egyptians characters to confront Dur Makeb mutants or Tetsu's swordguys.

  2. Most "normal" human characters are either 34 mm or 35 mm to the eyes in a standing pose. With Otomo, he is on the large size because of his heavy-armour, and also because of his "shoes" add some illusion of height. Then there are also a few other characters who stand a little bit taller than the "standard" 34-35 mm. Oren, and Keras, for example, are closer to 36-37 mm. But they are also considered to be mutants who greater strength and stature.

    I do have plans on expanding the range to cover other themes that influence the design. That we have a viking-influence and an asian/samurai influence is quite obvious. However, me and the concept artist have, in fact, explored the possibility of a tribal African influence as well. Hopefully, I might have something to show in a couple of weeks. It might not be exactly what you might imagine, but I hope that the design will appeal to some at least. :)