Dullahan, Vessel of Caer Loch

  • Dullahan of Caer Loch, also known as the Vessel, is a formidable opponent in combat and only the bravest of warriors dare to stand and him him and face his skeletal visage, and where it has been known that lesser opponents are chilled to the marrow just by meeting his glare. In combat he wields a massive claymore that he seemingly effortlessly scythe through his enemies as he wade through the thick of combat without prejudice. However, not all deaths come quickly by the hands of Dullahan, and for those that truly deserves punishment, Dullahan uses his chain-flail to crush every bone in the body before sending the damned soul into the darkest abyss of damnation.
  • Sculpted by Joaquin Palacios


  1. Yeah finally! A big Congratulations to Joaquin Palacios.
    Do Corvus Corax is going to expand in a near future via a crowdfunding campaign or anything else?

  2. Hey,

    I would say that the "near future" will not be likely. As a small independent indie-project I find it hard to be able to book sculptors and it's not uncommon that most sculptors that I have been working with thus far in this project are booked up for a long time and give priority to their "long-time customers".

    I will be starting working with Joaquin Palacios for another sculpt for the Caer Loch faction and it could potentially be completed by the summer, which would bring the faction up to 3 members (Ulsor, Dullahan and the new one).

    Of course I could do a crowdfunding based on "concepts and promises", but I'd be risking the reputation as I only forsee delays and uncertinty regarding such crowdfunding campaigns, and I'd like to stay away of it even if it means that my own project doesn't move on quickly. But I'm fine with that, as I believe more in quality and providing the best possible miniatures to those who might be itnerested in these. :)