As the range continues to expand there will always be a need for new scale shots to give an idea of the real size of the miniatures. The scale, typically, is between 34-35 mm to the eyes in a straight, standing pose (the armature with legs, back, neck fully extended). As the armature then is re-positioned into the correct pose the height to the eyes will either be shorter (a crouching pose) or higher (standing on his toes). In addition to this, some characters may be natural larger or smaller (just as in real life where not every being is of the same height), or because of some other reason (a bulky, mutated outcast or someone wearing a full-suite of armour).

These pictures are not the best, as I am not a professional photographer (which will be quite obvious juding by the quality), but they will give you a good idea. Also, the miniatures are just the raw resin copies taken straight from the bag without being cleaned up. So please have that in mind as well.

There are three coloured lines. The two red, which are drawn at 0 mm and at 35 mm, and the blue which is drawn from the eyes.

I hope you enjoy these, and I hope it will also give you a better understanding of the scale.

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  1. Ok... Otomo is.. really tall. I was wondering, do Tetsu clan were part of a biger nation, like an empire or something as big? And were exiled due to "fill the field with the specific reason".