These four figures will be a part of an upcoming Kickstarter project, which will see a launch before the end of this year. With enogh support the project could hopefully continue to expand and develop. I hope to aim at around late September or early October, but nothing is yet set in stone.

This is one faction of totally three factions that will be the funding goal for the Kickstarter. So another eight miniatures on top of these four will be included. I will hopefully be able to show another figure the coming few weeks or so, so stay tuned. :)


  1. O_O Awesome news Grefven ! As my Outcast clan is compl├Ęte its more than time to grab another one (and maybe start some CC games ;) ). Count me in this promising event! Congratulations.

    1. Thanks mate. :) Hopefully, the next project will be able to fund, too. If the next one is successful, then I will be able to commission another couple of characters for each faction, and bring each faction up to at least 7-8 characters, and that would allow me to focus more on getting the skirmish rules done. With 7-8 characters, it would allow for a little bit flexibility in the warbands. :)

      I am also having a discussion with some artists, to see if I can get some arts done for the character cards, too. :)